maintenance optimisation

Note: Elements are subject to continual change and evolution.

Disclaimer: This is only a current service offering and is not represented as, or intended to be a fully exhaustive set of complimentary steps, but rather as services which have value in being outsourced and can form part of a successful AIM programme based on the asset, lifecycle phase and individual client requirement.

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Service Overview

Performing the correct maintenance is imperative to preserving and restoring plant functionality and optimising resources, in order to contribute to company objectives and meet asset & system expectations. Experienced plant operators & asset managers understand the value of being proactive with respect to maintenance, and the consequences poor deferment or avoidance can bring.

Similarly, performing the wrong maintenance tasks, the right maintenance too frequent, or performing intrusive maintenance where its not required may become a poor use of resources and/or can have a detrimental impact to plant performance & functionality, and allow degradation to proliferate – resulting in potentially unsafe or poor profit situations.

Asset Integrity Solutions have decades of experience built from the sound application of techniques in order to develop, optimise and manage effective plant maintenance programmes for high-risk industries, with tools and expertise for all aspects of the maintenance cycle.

This cycle begins by fully understanding performance of in-service assets and ensuring the configuration of an Asset Register, and the loading of maintenance tasks deployed into the CMMS are as intended per the maintenance programme. Continuing with the appropriate scheduling and planning of the tasks to execution & recording of data which constantly feeds further optimisation and improvement through data analysis & programme iterations.

6 Key Elements